Sisters Are Like Stars


Sisters are like stars, you cant always see them, but you know they are there! 

For one of my birthdays 9 or 10 years ago, my sister Teresa gave me a paper with that quote printed on it and some fun bright colored stars and shooting stars.  I didn’t know then how much that paper would mean to me in 10 years!  it is now framed hanging in my hallway.  Some day I also want that quote that says because we have part of our family in heaven we have part of heaven in our home!  That is where Teresa is… in heaven, looking after me, my other sisters, my brothers, her children, and her family!

I used to hear “old folks” say things like “I remember exactly what I was doing and where I was when…(insert some major world event)”  for some reason I just didn’t understand how and why they would remember that!  Well then I had major things happen to me! (or in my life)  Like my sister dying.  (my dad and grandma in the two consecutive years).   And guess what?  I can replay that day like it was yesterday!!  I realize now what those “old folks” went through and how and why they remembered exactly what happened and where they were! 

Teresa left this world physically 8 years ago.  She is still here!  She is with her oldest daughter as she experiences life as a wife and mother!  She is holding her second daughters hand as she learns what road to walk down and while she goes through a time in life that is hard for everyone!  She is with her son as he grows up and becomes a man, a strength, to his family!  And she is holding her youngest daughter, although she remembers very little of her mom, as she grows up and becomes a young woman!

And she was with me today pushing me to step outside my comfort zone!  she is there when I need someone to talk to, and there when I need some strength, and someone to lean on!

I have no doubt that she is and will always be around helping and serving us where ever we need it! 


I miss you so much!  sometimes I wonder how life has gone on with out you! then I realize it hasn’t! you’re still here!  I can still tell you all about my hopes and dreams and wishes!  and you still believe in me like you have my entire life!!  I love you!!!!





An example

I have been a slacker and haven’t written a blog in a couple of weeks!! My goal was weekly… But sometimes I suppose life gets in the way!

In my last post I write about some of my fertility issues… Well I am one of many with similar issues! And I am one of three in my 5 sisters! I have been strengthen, supported, loved, encouraged, and blessed by those two said sisters! I have many many people who have helped me along this road. I tell my husband semi regularly about how I am amazed at the love and blessings people show me! I am very grateful!!

Today however I want to focus on one! One very special woman who is stronger than she gives herself credit for! One who gives love! One who strengthens, supports, loves and gives without recognizing it, or taking credit for it! She is my sister!

Today is a very special day for her. Four years ago she lost her little baby girl!

After years of trying to conceive she finally did it!! We were all so happy! Like beyond description happy! About half way through her pregnancy she found out of some problems with her sweet baby. At first it was just thought that there were going to be some handicaps and health concerns… I remember telling my sister once: “God gives special babies to special mommies”! (Ok so I tried telling her! It was a pretty tearful moment) but by that I meant that God doesn’t make mistakes and if He brought her to a trial He would help her through it, and he knew she was strong to be able to bear such a burden! So after a few more dr appointments and tests. She found out the baby (who we also found was a girl) was not going to survive much longer. For the last few weeks of her shortened pregnancy she listened to her heart beat, felt her movements. She loved listening to her 15 year old sister would play the piano.

The heartbeat could no longer be heard, sweet angel Taliah was with auntT and grandpa again.

I have sort of a tradition that I have made all, or most of, my nieces and nephews a baby blanket when they are born! I had some super cute fabric that’s wanted to use I was so excited to make the blanket! I hadn’t made it yet when this all was happening. And I was at work one day and my sister texted me and said she still wanted me to make her the blanket! (I had some pretty funny looks when I was crying as coming out of the bathroom at work!) after using the blanket for a few days at the hospital and mortuary it was made into a little teddy bear for my sister and her family! Holding my little niece taliah in the blanket I made for her (mostly only feeling the blanket because she was so tiny!) was one of the sweetest moments in my life!!!! I haven’t ever thanked my sister for that opportunity! It is going on top of my to do list!

In the midst of her trials my sister still loved strengthened and gave hope to those around her and to me!! She has and will always be an example to me!

A few years later she conceived and had her 100% all boy, smarty, cutie, lovey! Little Connor James!


Here he is playing with an old pair of my glasses!

I am so proud of my sister and what she as accomplished and gone through in her life!! She is an amazing mother to her 17 year old daughter and almost 2 year old Connor! She is an awesome sister, such a blessing in my life!

I cannot fathom life with out family!!!