What will you do?

Ok for starters I can hardly keep my eyes open.. so there’s no telling how many mistakes will be in this post… you love me anyway so you’ll see right past that!

You may wonder why I am staying up to post a blog post if I am that tired? Well I wonder that too!  There is this little known fact about me:  I get a craving to write! I often times don’t do it because I don’t have time or because I cant think of something to write, the writing keeps getting put off either on purpose or not…  But the craving, urge and need to write is still there!  So eleven o’clock on a Saturday night rolls around and here I am.

With it being January and everyone is all about the goals and resolutions, I wonder how many people actually KEEP their “New Years Resolutions” ??  Do you?  I don’t!  I used to make them every year without fail.  I cant place when I stopped doing it but my idea was why make a resolution if I don’t ever keep them?!  Hello?  all you’re doing is setting yourself up for failure and sadness, because you didn’t “write a letter to grandma every week” or you didn’t “lose 20 lbs”….

Now let me clarify…  Do I make goals? Yes!  Do I keep them? Yes!  ALL of them, all of the time?  NO!  Is that a problem? NO! If I didn’t keep a goal its because I set it too high.. cue: make it more attainable in smaller steps… And I don’t need to set a goal or resolution to do something each year because everyone else does and everyone else is doing it! I am not one, nor have ever been one to do something because someone else is doing it.  In fact, I will do something different just because no one else is doing it!  So if I want to “exercise everyday”  I can start on a Thursday in March if that’s when I decide I want to do it.  None of this “starting on Monday” or “its my new years resolution” crap!

C.S. Lewis said:  Isn’t it funny how day to day nothing changes, yet you look back, and everything is different…

Why is that?  What makes it change as we look back?  If you are a business man 9-5 kind of guy, life stays pretty much the same everyday.  If you’re a stay at home mom, diapers and animals crackers, no time to pee, go to bed and do it all over again… so I ask again:  what changes each year?  why do we look back at something different?

This is my theory:  Its the little things!

Having your eyes open to forgiveness from your 14 year old niece.

A healthy husband/wife argument that makes you see what to do instead next time “that” happens.

The salad instead of the Ice cream.

The long talk with your mom.

There are so many little things that happen each day that shape us into something different the very next day. I know that I dont always notice those things. In fact, how many of you do?

So back to the new year thing…I am trying something different this year, instead of not making any goals or resolutions, and instead of making a bulleted list of every detail I want to change or do.  I will be noticing at the end of the day what changed in me that day, and when I go about the day I will catch the “this is going to change you” feelings. I am going to look forward each day to being a different Deborah than yesterday. yesterday is yesterday, its not something I need to focus on.  If one day I fall down and make a bad choice, it will become a yesterday and TODAY  I can move past it. Regret of that fall will only mess with my today.

I am very much connected to music and song, specially when my own words aren’t quite flowing.  Imitation is the best form of flattery. So in the words of one of my favorites, JJ Heller:  This year I am going to be someone I’ve never been.  I will fight a good fight.  Train my eyes to see the light.  I will feel alive instead of feeling numb.  This year will be the BEST one yet!!

This was my inspiration for my New Years Resolutions 2015!

Happy New Year Everybody!  I hope this is YOUR best year yet!!


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