My Apologies

Hello Hello,
I give my deepest apologies for not writing a blog for a very long time! Here’s the story! I had planned on writing… Then my computer died! like totally completely died! The diagnosis was a fried mother board! (aka DEAD!) Thank goodness (times a million) that my Moms awesome computer guy was able to get pictures off of it for me!! (thanks Jason!) So that put a time damper on not writing! The next part of the story is that I have just been a little overwhelmed lately! I am taking a class on Monday nights, but since I am 200 miles away from anything I end up being gone all day Monday! so that totally shortens my week! I also have had my nephew living with me for about a month now, and we’ve been getting into the hang of things with his school work (homeschool) and everything. We also have been finishing up a room for him (we ran into some difficulties with sheetrock and a leaking roof!) SO…. now that I am coming to some sort of organization I was able to work in the yard and bake bread today! (yum it was spelt bread) πŸ™‚ So feel free to get after me if I don’t keep up at my writing/blogging goal! I am going to try for once a week again… I am getting used to using wordpress but I will figure everything out and start navigating and reading others blogs more and all those lovely thigns! πŸ™‚
well… I’m done.. over and out!


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